What Recipes You Can Make with Acai Powder

There are many kinds of delicious meals for a healthy lifestyle, and if you love preparing your own healthy meals, you can create lots of delicious recipes with acai powder. Acai berry is known to be an antioxidant fruit that improves cardiovascular health, prevents cancer and rejuvenates your skin. Using acai powder comes with various health benefits that can improve the nutritional value when added to your food or drink. If you wish to buy acai powder, Elite Vitamin Zone has supplements that promote a healthy lifestyle which includes acai powder Australia has in the market. Here are creative ways to mix acai powder to your dishes for a healthier and tastier meal.

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1. It can be made into a juice or smoothie
If you love indulging freshly-made juice and smoothies to benefit your lifestyle, adding acai powder to your drinks gives it more nutritional value. As usual add in the fruits you favour, pour in the milk of your choice, add about a teaspoon of acai powder then finish it off with crushed ice. Milk and ice are optional depending on how you want your drinks. With that you got yourself a delicious and healthy acai drink perfect especially for a hot day or after a gym session. Just buy acai powder and you are ready to prepare yourself a healthy drink. Click here Elite Vitamin Zone

2. It is delicious when mixed with other meals
If you have prepared yourself a healthy meal such as oatmeal or pancakes, there may not be much flavour in it because additional flavouring like sugar might ruin the healthy factor of the meal. Acai powder can be added to whatever healthy meal you are eating. Not only does it give a delectable flavour but it makes you benefit the health properties of every meal you have. Add in fruit bits or granola to make your meal even healthier. Acai powder Australia has in health shops can also be added into homemade bread perfect to eat for breakfast, lunch and supper.

3. You can create your very own acai bowl
If you wish to indulge in a detox bowl for breakfast or afternoon tea, you can prepare your very own acai bowl. All you need are yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of acai powder, soy milk, oats and fruits of your choice to craft your acai bowl. If you prefer additional toppings, you can try putting in some chia seeds, granola or almonds for more flavour. You can get creative by looking up different recipes online on more ways on how to make acai bowls. There are recipes that match with certain themes such as tropical or autumn-inspired acai bowls.

With these kinds of healthy meals, all you need is to buy acai powder and it can make a difference when it comes to the taste and nutrition of it. To buy acai powder Australia has in the market, you can visit the health shop www.elitevitaminzone.com.au to find Australian acai powder and other nutritional products for a healthier lifestyle.