No Hesitations: Symptoms You Should Consult Quickly If You Have a Medicare Card

Picture this: you’re a Ferny Grove resident and you wake up one night feeling a little more uneasy than the usual. You shrug and sleep it off, but alarmingly, you wake up again with your head pounding angrily. What do you do? You’re about to vomit and the nearest 24/7 clinic is still 30 minutes away by car. In emergency situations like this, you wished you lived near a Ferny Grove family practice clinic. But wishful thinking aside, at least that Ferny Grove family practice 24/7 clinic should not have a complex payment process, right?

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Bulk-billing and Medicare rebates—good news for consultation

Australian citizens are indeed fortunate to live in a time where health care has streamlined the payment process in hospitals and clinics who allow bulk-billing. Bulk-billing becoming more accessible since last year is a good news to Australians who have Medicare, especially to those who live far from downtown where most medical services are usually accessible. For those who only want a consultation for bothering physical symptoms also, Medicare rebates are also provided in most consultations, such as in a Ferny Grove family practice clinic. As a convenient mass charging strategy used by kind-hearted doctors from huge medical facilities and clinic branches, it has constrained medical fees and helped people.

Why is this good news to most citizens especially suburban residents? Again, with perhaps a limited access to some medical facilities, payment won’t be a problem anymore if they acquired a Medicare card and the doctor allows bulk-billing. Consultation is important when a patient is feeling alarming symptoms, and unfortunately, most of these patients don’t proceed to a consultation because of an insufficient budget for hospital fees, complex payment processing, and because it’s just a symptom. So, if a medical centre Woree has today mandated their doctors to allow bulk-billing, people are more likely to consult.

What are the types of symptoms that you shouldn’t hesitate consulting to a Woree family clinic doctor if you have a Medicare card?

Extreme, pounding, vomit-inducing Headaches – A bad headache isn’t unusual, but a recurring, extreme headache or a migraine should need immediate medical attention. Some patients who have long underestimated a series of killer headaches have been diagnosed to have meningitis, aneurysms, and even stroke. If your headache strikes you with vomit and dizziness, then you should immediately get treated as an outpatient in a fully-bulk billed after-hours service from a Woree family clinic such as SmartClinics.

Serious, excoriating abdominal pain – If you have a past filled with digestive or stomach problems like gastro-reflex or IBS, you may have the vital prescription to manage these manifestations from your family specialists or nearby clinics like a Woree medical centre. Nonetheless, if the painful sensation is isolated and you feel as though the degree of pain is increasing, particularly in the right, upper area, it could be an issue with the gallbladder.

A tightening, painful sensation in your chest area. The age for heart attack sufferers has dropped down to 25 years of age. A symptom like isolated, painful sensations in the chest area is listed as one of the symptoms of legitimate cases of heart attacks at ER’s everywhere. These may be accompanied by overwhelming breathing, sweat-soaked or moist palms, weight gain, genuine irritability, and numb, painful jaw and arms. These are largely notable manifestations of a heart attack—and if you feel a couple of those symptoms, you shouldn’t hesitate to rush to the nearest hospital.

The Australian health care system is putting effort into streamlining medical services especially for situations like this. Don’t hesitate to consult with a doctor if you’re feeling really bad, especially if you have a Medicare card. Don’t wait for the “really bad” to fluctuate to being the “worst”.

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